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We are an online consultancy platform, comprising a team of intellectuals from diverse fields of knowledge, to provide a wide array of post-graduation  educational, business and environmental services for the sole purpose of enhancing human capacity/capital for emerging knowledge economies.

Our services are grouped under the following categories: Dissertation Doctors; CV Restructuring, Scholarship Application Lens, Personal Statement Review, Career Counselling, research proposal, business proposal/plan, data analysis and EIA.


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    We ONLY review complete drafts uploaded unto our online forms. We DO NOT write
    thesis, proposals or any other document from scratch. We believe it is ILLEGAL to contract a
    total body of work – from the ideation stage to execution – to a second or third party; hence,
    we will ONLY work with submitted complete drafts that project the ideas to be developed.
    We expect that at the end of the review, our clients should have a good inclination of the
    changes/recommendations made so as to be able to defend it when called upon to do so.
    Thanks for your understanding.


    All clients are expected to have perused provided information (including the FAQ) before
    engaging any of our listed services. Illumania and its staff are therefore absolved from any
    litigation that may arise due to non-compliance of clients to our operational policies.