Alabi Oluwatoyin Matthew

I hold a B.Tech. degree in Biology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Currently, I teach at a secondary school with plans to further my education very soon.

Mr Babajide was my project supervisor in 2015. He is a real perfectionist who loves making everything right. He made sure he erased all grammatical errors in the write-ups and ensured the data from the research were correctly retrieved. Most of the things I know today about research write-ups were learned from Mr Babajide as he was always available to guide and direct me. He took his time to go through every material related to the research, and I knew of many other supervisors who failed to do the same for their students.

The research project, entitled, ‘Medical waste management practices in Healthcare centres, Ado-Ekiti as a case study’, was not easy to execute at first but it later turned out to be an excellent piece of work to the point that even the External Examiner was proud of it. The hints and corrections I received from Mr Babajide gave me an ‘A’ in my undergraduate dissertation.

Mr Babajide is someone that any serious-minded youth needs as a friend and mentor as he’s got a lot to offer academically and professionally so I’ll definitely recommend ILLUMANIA to anyone willing to go far not just academically but in life generally.

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