After the conception of research projects, it is fundamental for the researcher to have a foresight of how the research is going to be carried out. This and other information are communicated to supervisors and potential investors through a document referred to as Research Proposal.

The questions of how and when specific sections of the project will be completed are answered by a good Research Proposal. It also explores the potential result and impact of the project while providing an insight into the budget and other capital costs required for the project.

A lot of scholars do not have prior training in writing Research Proposals, hence, it becomes much of a task for them to produce an efficient proposal that will effectively elucidate and justify their idea and research concept.

To ease this problem for scholars, our team at illumania will help develop Research Proposals appropriate for any field of study. Proposals structured by our team will be tailored to fit your study site and available materials as stipulated in your request.

Our services are focused on achieving good results which will help in formulating and proffering excellent applicable solutions to research problems.

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