Though the foray into entrepreneurship is almost becoming a rite of passage in many climes, the statistics for failed businesses is at the same time on an exponential rise. The reason for this can loosely be attributed to lack of a good working template; otherwise referred to as a Business Proposal/Business Plan.

It is rather easier to conceive lofty business initiative than setting the business in motion without a good proposal or plan of action. A good Business Proposal/Plan defines your objectives, maps out your strategies, while giving directions to achieve your aims. Business Proposals and Plans helps forecast and give insight on potential challenges and their management.

In entrepreneurship and investment, individuals and corporations are saddled with the responsibility of identifying product/service potentials in target markets. An effective inquest into these will determine the marketing strategies that can be employed to optimize available resources and maximize profit.

A good proposal/plan also makes it easy for you to communicate your vision and mission to potential partners, investors and funding bodies.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and writers are always available to help develop a fresh business proposal/plan or help you fine tune the one you have, to accommodate all eventualities.

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