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The word ‘counselling’ when heard by most people, particularly in developing countries, is often misjudged to be meant for those with psychological or emotional problems. As a result, those who truly need counselling do not actively seek it, as they largely believe they are not ‘sick’!

This notion has crippled the future competence of both secondary school leavers and tertiary institution graduates who either their take decisions on their own with little or no knowledge of the terrain/prospects or follow religiously unprofessional parental advice which often end up wrong, though was given with good intentions.

Timely and appropriate counselling has the potential of saving people from wasting their time, efforts and finance. Hence, the dire need for it in particularly developing societies where it is still unpopular.

The importance of timely career counselling cannot be overemphasised as it can prevent secondary school leavers from dabbling into the wrong careers (i.e. one that hides their greatest strengths and projects the students as failures) and also help tertiary institution graduates intending to further their education to make quality decisions regarding the type of future they seek and how it fits into the changing global environment.

Most secondary schools and tertiary institutions in developing countries do not have a functional counselling unit to help students. Therefore, career counselling service is specially provided on this platform to cover the huge gap.

The professional advice offered has the potential of correctly structuring the fate of students by shaping their decisions at vital junctures – Decisions that could make or mar their future, therefore must be taken seriously and handled with professional care.

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