CVs are windows into the intellectual minds and potential capabilities of the bearer. If badly structured, could wrongly describe your mental competence for a particular role applied for. If terribly structured, could even make CV reviewers question the veracity of your claims as being a Graduate.

Unfortunately, CV structuring is not a topic taught in most tertiary institutions around the world. It is categorised as a knowledge/skill that should be acquired by students on their own after graduation.

Without proper guidance, graduates often expose this knowledge/skill gap by designing terribly bad CVs. A terribly bad CV is one which enervates your true quality as a graduate and your potential competence for the role applied for, ultimately killing the excitement of the CV reviewers in every possible way.

CV structures are often country-specific, sector-specific, employer-specific and role-specific, so here at illumania, our team will help you simplify all the complex burdens associated with CV structuring to produce a high quality version worthy of a favourable consideration by your potential employer.

Our team will also help to trash the components of your CV which weakens it, and then restructure it in such a way that it becomes attractive to the employer of your choice.

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