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  1. Is iLLUMANIA registered?

Yes it is. It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria as a limited company with RC number, 1470287.

  1. Does iLLUMANIA have a physical location/office I can go to?

iLLUMANIA is an online educational, entrepreneurial and environmental consulting outfit; therefore, has no physical office building. However, if physical meetings are requested or required, this can be planned only in the following cities: Akure (Nigeria), Lagos (Nigeria) and London (UK).

  1. How does the editing procedure work?

As soon as your document is uploaded for review, it will be automatically deposited into the email account of our Admin Managers who will then send your document to the most appropriate Consultant on the team based on your needs. After review is completed, the reviewed document is sent to the designated Chief Consultant for a second review and final approval (for quality control), and sent back to the Consultant for further actions. The Consultant will then contact the client explaining the content of the review with the reviewed document attached. If the ‘express category’ was selected, the review duration will last for 48 hours but if the ‘regular category’ was selected, it will last for 7 days (for most services; check the pricing list for other services).

  1. How will I get back my reviewed document?

It will be attached to the email account you used in contacting us, with brief additional explanations.

  1. Why can’t I upload Jpeg format for non-image files?

Because our online forms do not support Jpeg files except for fields requiring an image or picture. However, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx and ppt files can be uploaded.

  1. How am I sure my work will be done after payment?

We are a professional organisation, registered by law and operating under universal standard ethical and professional codes of conduct. It is absolutely against our working mantra to partake in any illegal activity that will distort the reputation of our firm. Therefore, you can be rest assured that we will do well to live up to our end of the bargain if you trust us enough to pay for our services. 

  1. What if I do not understand the changes or recommendations made on the reviewed version of my document?

You are advised to send an email to the Consultant who reviewed your work, asking for clearer details of the review/corrections.

  1. If I upload my document onto your platform for review, will it not be saved on the internet automatically and then detected as plagiarised when I use it elsewhere?

When you upload your document onto our online form, it will be sent to a dedicated email account, accessible by the Admin Managers. The content of this email account CANNOT be detected by any plagiarism detection tool, therefore, should allay any fear/worry regarding self-plagiarism.

  1. How do I obtain a payment code?

A unique payment code will be generated and sent to your email address after you make online payment for a selected service. Without the payment code, you will be unable to upload your document and submit your request.

  1. How did you get the name iLLUMANIA and why does it sound like illuminati?

The name was formed from two words: Illumina and Mania. Illumina (of French origin) means “to light up” while Mania (of English origin) means to be “excessively enthusiastic”. Combining both words, you get “iLLUMANIA” which can be reconstructed to mean, “having an excessive enthusiasm to light up something” When you look at the logo of the firm, you realise that a touch was placed in the cranium region (brain box) of a human head, which implies to light up the mentalities of humans. Therefore, in a nut shell, iLLUMANIA projects a “group of intellectuals excessively enthusiastic about lightening up the mental capacities of their clients through the provision of vital educational services to enable them fit into emerging knowledge economies.” Therefore, it has absolutely no connection with “illuminati”; we are PROUDLY iLLUMANIA! And the goal is to Enlighten, Empower and Elevate you to your desired height.

  1. Can I apply for multiple services at a time?

Sure, as long as you make online payment for them all and obtain different payment codes for each service.

  1. How can I become a Marketer for iLLUMANIA?

Send your CV to careers@illumania.org. We will contact you in due time with further information.

  1. How can I have the online version of my completed research project uploaded onto iLLUMANIA’s research repository?

Send the electronic version of your completed research project to Irr@illumania.org. Our team will review the quality of your submission within 2 weeks and email you a verdict. If accepted, the document will be archived in our repository for free public access. If rejected, there will not be any room for resubmission and the decision is final, without appeal. Check out casino cruise

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