We have assembled the best team to help you achieve your goals

Babajide Milton Macaulay

B.Tech. (Akure), M.Sc. (Greenwich), Ph.D. (Manchester)

Founder, iLLUMANIA

Dr. Macaulay is a native of Lagos State, a 150 Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) in the UK, a Resident Fellow of the Nigerian Global Affairs Council (NIGAC), and a 2021 Carrington Youth Fellow….

Josiah Abolade Owoeye

B.Tech. (Akure), M.Tech. (Akure), MPH (In-view, Manchester).

Director of Operations, iLLUMANIA

Mr. Owoeye is an Environmental Manager at OAIS (the Environmental Arm) at Ibadan, Nigeria, where he conducts projects related to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG).