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iLLUMANIA seeks to solve the research needs of students in tertiary institutions by providing easy access to the electronic versions of completed academic projects. These can easily be consulted for reference purposes and will consequently help avoid unnecessary duplication of research.

Duplication of research is often rife and the implications of such are the prolonged redundancy of the impact of the academia on the larger and immediate society especially in the developing countries where researchers have continuously been involved in working on an already settled research.

Scientists in the Third-world often end up replicating old research due to lack of a general repository where such investigations could have been identified and furthered instead.

A collection of research projects online is vital to development. Since research is primarily conducted to address and provide solutions to germane developmental problems of the immediate society, providing easy direct access to existing research materials will ultimately help in reducing research redundancy and resource wastage as well as accelerating development in pertinent sectors, locally and/or globally relevant.

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