Badiu Akinola Akinbode, Erasmus Mundus Scholar 2021

I must have been one of the first beneficiaries of iLLUMANIA when it was first created in 2018. Fresh from the University, I sent my CV for review which was free-of-charge for the first 100 clients. That’s what laid the foundation for the romance between myself and the organization to date.

My desire for Graduate School made me seek for help and knowing fully well that the Founder/CEO of iLLUMANIA is a Scholarship Apostle who had won multiple scholarships himself, I was rest assured that he would be committed to my plight.

I was fortunate to attend the maiden edition of iLLUMANIA’s International Scholarship Mastery Bootcamp (ISMB) in 2019 at the School of Earth and Mineral Science (SEMS) of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), as an MSc Student of FUTA. The 12-hour value-packed Scholarship session for final year and postgraduate students of higher institutions was an eye-opener as it exposed me to many wrongs which needed to be corrected. More than 10 students out of the 80 who attended the event bagged international scholarships to Europe and North America by 2020. Mine finally came on the 30th March, 2021 through the highly prestigious Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study a European Master in Quality & Analytical Laboratories at 3 European Universities.

Beyond the ISMB, iLLUMANIA reviewed my Essays a couple of times while the Founder was magnanimous enough to even provide me with a wonderful Reference letter as we had grown closer over the years. iLLUMANIA does not only review essays, they also provide valuable scholarship advice which will be instrumental in finally bagging that scholarship you have long-awaited to win.

Chidinma Chikwe, Erasmus Mundus Scholar 2021

When choosing organisation’s to engage with, I am always looking to know if they are an organisation that cares about the people they claim to serve. In my experience, beyond advising me, reviewing my essays, and preparing me for interviews, I can dare say that iLLUMANIA cares.

Applying for undergraduate or postgraduate studies takes its toll. iLLUMANIA has been the support system every future prospective scholar needs in recent years. They are an organisation that listens to clients’ needs and stories before creating bespoke solutions and have staff and partners whose expertise covers a comprehensive list of academic areas. When dealing with clients, iLLUMANIA treats each person’s case uniquely and takes each person’s situation personally.

Dr. Babajide M. Macaulay, iLLUMANIA’s Founder, has always been someone I could talk to when it seems like the odds are against me in my academic pursuit. Fortunately for me, he always had the timeliest words of encouragement that kept me charged-up to keep pushing until I won – Emerging as an Erasmus Mundus Scholar on the GEMMA (Gender Studies) programme in 2021.

In the last two years, iLLUMANIA has been all of the above to me and more, and I would not have won two scholarships in 2021 (including an International Development Scholarship at the University of Sussex, UK) without the extra pair of eyes and hands that iLLUMANIA offered me.

Lilian Elochukwu Efobi, Commonwealth Shared Scholar 2021

After attending an event where Dr. Babajide Macaulay, the Founder of iLLUMANIA, was a Guest Speaker, I immediately knew I had to be under iLLUMANIA’s guidance and mentorship throughout my scholarship application journey. On reaching out to them, I was provided sufficient guidance through their career counselling service which positively affected my approach to scholarship applications.

iLLUMANIA helped me leverage my research skills and experience within the social impact space while completing my scholarship applications. Through iLLUMANIA, my life was transformed remarkably in 2021 as I ended up as a Winner of the highly prestigious Commonwealth Shard Scholarship to study MA International Relations at the Oxford Brookes University, UK.

I will forever be grateful to iLLUMANIA for the support provided, enabling me pursue my career dreams without fear.

Ronke Odetayo, Hong Kong Fellowship Scholar 2020

Contacting iLLUMANIA was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. Prior to make that decision, I had zero confidence in the power my resumé carried and equally in myself because I felt I had to downplay some of the experiences I had gained over the years in order not to sound prideful. I was drowning in a lot of rejection letters from scholarship sponsors and almost giving up on trying again. A friend introduced me to iLLUMANIA, and the rest they say is history.

My first session with iLLUMANIA gave me clarity on what I had been doing wrong in relation to my resumé and statement of purpose (SOP) for several scholarship applications I had done. I learnt how to write SOPs effectively and concisely, and also how to use my achievements and experiences, particularly tailoring them to the requirements of schools I had chosen in my scholarship applications.

iLLUMANIA helped me gain confidence in using my experiences and achievements to get the kind of scholarships I never thought I qualified for. After using their Personal Statement service and they helped review my essay drafts, I got two fully-funded scholarships in two different countries (UK and Hong Kong). This was something I never imagined would happen after so many rejections, trials and failures. Now, I am better at writing, as this also helped me during my Master’s Thesis at the university I chose in Hong Kong, to study Public Health. I am also confident in owning my experiences and achievements, and using them to get better offers. All these would not have happened if I had not contacted iLLUMANIA for help.

Alabi Oluwatoyin Matthew

I hold a B.Tech. degree in Biology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Currently, I teach at a secondary school with plans to further my education very soon.

Mr Babajide was my project supervisor in 2015. He is a real perfectionist who loves making everything right. He made sure he erased all grammatical errors in the write-ups and ensured the data from the research were correctly retrieved. Most of the things I know today about research write-ups were learned from Mr Babajide as he was always available to guide and direct me. He took his time to go through every material related to the research, and I knew of many other supervisors who failed to do the same for their students.

The research project, entitled, ‘Medical waste management practices in Healthcare centres, Ado-Ekiti as a case study’, was not easy to execute at first but it later turned out to be an excellent piece of work to the point that even the External Examiner was proud of it. The hints and corrections I received from Mr Babajide gave me an ‘A’ in my undergraduate dissertation.

Mr Babajide is someone that any serious-minded youth needs as a friend and mentor as he’s got a lot to offer academically and professionally so I’ll definitely recommend ILLUMANIA to anyone willing to go far not just academically but in life generally.

Temitope Alabi

My name is Temitope Alabi and I’m an MSc Finance and Accounting graduate of Manchester Business School. I currently work as an Auditor in an Accounting firm in London,    UK.

Babajide is a very good friend of mine whom I met since 2015 during my time at The Manchester Business School and I can tell you he is one of the most intelligent, if not the most intelligent, and hardworking person I know.

Babajide is very experienced in professional papers, theses, and all other sorts of academic write-ups such that he can identify elements of distinction/improvements in any work, and can standardise such works to an overall level of distinction.

During the writing of my MSc thesis, Babajide was able to provide invaluable insights and recommendations to my work that contributed immensely to my winning of the International Bankers Award for Best MSc Dissertation at the Business School, which is an amazing feat! This achievement made me represent the University of Manchester in a national competition for the prestigious LOMBARD Prize. In the end, I emerged as the first student from the University of Manchester to win the award.

I would definitely recommend ILLUMANIA to anyone, regardless of academic background, who wishes to have that touch of outstanding quality in their academic work and also to anyone who wishes to come out on top.

I’m very excited for Babajide and this new venture and I’m very confident that his future clients will be in great hands!

Amira Ogunsola

My name is Amira Ogunsola, British Nigerian. I have a BA (Hons) in Business and Management from De Montfort University and studied Operations, Project and Supply chain Management at the University of Manchester, where I met Babajide.

I met Babajide at a student society called ‘Blaze’. We spoke on numerous occasions because we also attended the same church (RCCG, Jubilee Church Manchester, UK).  During dissertation period, I was struggling quite a lot because it was my first time writing one as I had the choice of selecting between taking exams and writing a dissertation during my undergraduate Programme.

Thank God for Babajide! I informed him that I was faced with serious turmoil, as I did not even know where to begin. Babajide managed to fit me into his very busy schedule and literally assisted me to draft a clear and precise plan with deadlines and milestones to achieve. I was so thankful, he reviewed my work on a regular basis and although we are friends he still remained professional and quite firm when it came to ‘Study Time’ which I am really grateful for now, but not so much back then.

Overall I scored a distinction in my dissertation and I couldn’t have done it without Babajide. He followed me each step of the way, till the very last day. He is a dedicated, committed selfless, patient and persevering person, which was very evident in the way he dealt with me during the dissertation period.  When I felt things were going wrong he motivated, encouraged and pushed me to do even better.

I have recommended many friends to him who have also achieved amazing feats. He is definitely a special one and I would recommend ILLUMANIA any day!

Christianah Yemidale

My name is Christianah Yemidale. I am currently working as an HR Assistant in the UK. I did my first degree in Psychology and went on to do a Masters in Health Psychology at the University of Manchester where I was privileged to meet Babajide.

I met Babajide through a friend (Amira Ogunsola). One thing I can say is that Babajide is patient. He helped me build a strong framework on how to approach qualitative research and he did so in a structured, yet friendly and encouraging way. His ability to interpret, explain and analyse my research question in depth built my self-confidence when reporting my findings back to my supervisors. This allowed my supervisors to recognise the potential in my work which led them to enter me in the Annual Rheumatology Conference in the UK where I won the Chris Moran 2017 prize. This prize opened further doors for me as I was approached with a PhD offer.

My final grade was a Merit. The best part about working with Milton is that he allowed my thesis to be my own work, but also pushed me in the right direction when I was in need of a push.

Therefore, I will highly recommend anyone who needs help to consult ILLUMANIA because I believe he has a gift in shepherding students in the right direction to achieve great success.

John Idika

I am a First-class graduate of Microbiology from the University of Maiduguri in Borno State, Nigeria. I served as a Teaching and Research Assistant in the Department of Microbiology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, for one year as a national service to my dear country, Nigeria. I recently concluded my Master’s degree program in Water and Environmental Management at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, under the sponsorship of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship UK.

I got to know the great Babajide when he was introduced to me as my Mentor  on CAMP (Commonwealth Alumni Mentoring Plan) by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. I can remember the first statement he said to me was to forget this Mentor-Mentee thing and that we should build a relationship instead, as it would make it easier for us to connect. Since then, he became a great Mentor and a friend. My first semester wasn’t easy because I was coming from a Microbiology background and had to face all manner of Engineering calculations and modelling, but Babajide challenged me by letting me know that he had a similar story like mine but he strived and still came out as the best. Hearing that, I had no excuse whatsoever not to come out as the best as well. He continued checking on me and inspiring me until I was able to finish with an ‘A’ average in my 8 taught courses. He also helped to review my final draft of my MSc dissertation; I was surprised how he spotted out quite a number of errors which two other previous readers couldn’t identify. In the end, I had a distinction in my dissertation. My supervisor intends to publish my work and has also asked for my consent so that one of his PhD students can present it at a Conference in Mexico. I wouldn’t have achieved this if I was not inspired by Babajide from the beginning.

Yes! I would recommend to my friends who need help with their dissertation/thesis to consult ILLUMANIA, because the CEO, Babajide, is passionate about bringing out the best out of serious-minded folks, and I’m sure this will fundamentally define what his firm stands for.

Odiase Frank Mohammed

My name is Odiase Frank Mohammed I am a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Currently. I work as a contract staff with HiiT Plc. in Ikeja, Lagos to train Corp members serving in Lagos on the relevant skills of health and safety. Also, I recently secured admission into the University of Greifswald in Germany to study an MSc degree in Georesources and Environment and I will be resuming by October 2017.

I heard about Mr Babajide even before I had the opportunity to meet him in person. I finally met him when he was in the last semester of his final year while I was in 100level second semester. I had already seen my first semester result which was not impressive at all so I approached him for advice.  He told me that he didn’t even begin well too so I should not be discouraged by the outcome of one semester when I still have nine semesters left to turn the table around. His words renewed my mind and changed my orientation. Eventually, fate had it that after he returned from the UK with his MSc degree and had been promoted to the position of Assistant Lecturer, he was named as my final year project supervisor. I must say I saw a different Mr. Babajide when he supervised my project. He took me painstakingly through the rigour and rudiments of academic writing. I went through hell trying to learn the scientific approach of writing and conducting research which can never be bought at any price.

My project, entitled, ‘Medical waste management in developing countries: A case study of health facilities in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria’, was eventually awarded an ‘A’ grade by the External Examiner. It also gained the necessary attention from the Ondo State Ministry of Environment – The Deputy Director showed interest in adopting the key recommendations made in my project in order to improve the quality of their proposed policy on medical waste management in Ondo State. Valuable parts of the project work have also been published in a reputable peer-reviewed international journal.

I will recommend ILLUMANIA to anyone and not just my friends alone to get the necessary assistance for the improvement of the quality of their dissertation/thesis. I believe the platform, led by Mr. Babajide, will help transform an ordinary dissertation to an extra-ordinary piece of work which can attract both national and international attention. A good example is my project work which has been cited and read globally since its publication in 2016. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the rock-solid support I enjoyed from Mr. Babajide. Indeed, his firm, ILLUMANIA is a blessing to our generation as students/graduates can now consult his online platform for reliable assistance.

Oyin Yemidale

My name is Oyin Yemidale. I am a recent Accounting and Finance graduate from the University of Manchester currently seeking employment in the Accounting and Finance sector in the UK.

I met Babajide at one of the libraries at the University of Manchester. The task to write a thesis on my own was quite daunting, as my final grade depended on it. My initial project draft was not well constructed and lacked good structure. However, from the time I consulted Babajide, he taught me how to plan, structure and organise my ideas so that my report had a logical flow to it. Babajide works well with time. He showed me how to divide the project into smaller sections so that I could accomplish each task one step at a time. This made the thesis more manageable as it created a timeline for completing my tasks.

I was awarded a distinction in my project. I believe that Babajide’s guidance and assistance throughout the process was imperative to achieve this grade because I was able to produce work of a very high standard in the little time I had to complete my project. Working with Babajide developed my capacity for methodical and critical thinking, as well as the need for attention to detail, which maximised my marks.

In my addition, I gained and improved in the areas of planning, referencing and analysing. I would therefore recommend anyone to consult ILLUMANIA because I believe one can acquire skills and methods that can be applied in any academic field.

Adekanmbi Folasade Susan

My name is Adekanmbi Folasade Susan, a graduate of Biology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Nigeria. My undergraduate research project entitled, “Effects of untreated abattoir effluent on the dry biomass, proximate composition and heavy metal accumulation in Amaranthus hybridus (L.)”, exposed me to the effects of indiscriminate discharge of effluents into the environment as a major environmental concern and its consequence on the health of the inhabitants. The knowledge acquired stirred up a passion within me for a habitable and pollution-free environment, leading to the registration for an MSc degree in Environmental Health at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier university.

In 2014, I got to know this erudite scholar, Mr. Babajide, as a lecturer in my department. I was preparing to commence my Industrial Training (IT) and I needed advice on how to go about it, as well as important points to note during the program. It was not just his being lecturer that drew me to him, but his penchant for excellence. I sought his advice which he readily and abundantly offered and it helped me in no little measure.

Fortunately, this great man became my project supervisor in my final year (2015) and working with him on my dissertation made my final year the best for me as an undergraduate. He has zero tolerance for mediocrity and he’s all out for excellence so I was inspired to give everything! He carried me along properly during this period and taught me practically, making sure I understood what we were working on and its importance. He is readily accessible, friendly, hardworking, got vast knowledge of several fields and blunt (he will not mince words in telling you your wrongs, in order to bring out the best in you). These qualities made working with him truly impactful. I eventually graduated with a CGPA of 4.32/5.00. Need I say that I almost relented in my final year but Mr. Babajide was there to strengthen me with his words till the very end. I ended up having a perfect CGPA of 5.00/5.00 in my final year first semester and scoring 80% in my dissertation – the highest score in my set. His zeal for excellence is super-contagious and it sure rubbed off on me. If it would be possible, I would love to work with him again in my second degree due to his mode of teaching, mentoring and personality. I would therefore, recommend anyone who’s got a desire for excellence and needs help/guidance with his/her thesis/dissertation to consult ILLUMANIA for the best service.

Tolulope Saliu

Currently, I am a Master’s student in Molecular Life Sciences at the Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Colombo, Srilanka, under a special category of the Commonwealth scholarship.

There is a wise saying that, ‘If you are good at what you do, you will serve before kings.’ Babajide is not only good and skilled at his academic work, he is also ready to help others. In fact, he is an illuminator which is a fact known to all. Babajide is a recipient of the Commonwealth scholarship twice, as such, he encouraged all those looking up to him as a mentor not only to dream big but also showed them directions to achieve their dreams. As for the privilege I have today to also be a Commonwealth scholar, all praise goes to Jehovah God and at the same time to Babajide, the architect behind the scene. He was the one that gave me information about the scholarship and at the same time, provided technical support during the application process. To be precise, he assisted me in proof-reading my personal statement.

This relentless assistance yielded result and here I am, a Commonwealth scholar! As a scholar, I realised the role Babajide played in helping me achieve my academic dream and as such, I will like to recommend ILLUMANIA as a great option for students who aspire to get better and quality education in a world-class university. If you are looking for the latest information on any kind of scholarship across the globe as well as assistance in getting the application process done, this is indeed the right platform.

Janet Ige

Hi, my name is Janet Ige, I work as a Research Associate in Public Health at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, UK.

I met Babajide in 2012 while I was contemplating undergoing a Master’s degree in Public Health. Coincidentally, Babajide had just secured a Master’s scholarship abroad and he was really helpful in flagging out the various opportunities available to me and guiding me through the application process. In the end, I was able to secure the Justice Malek Ahmad scholarship in 2014 at UWE and the time and effort eventually paid off. If you are in search of more information about securing a scholarship, then ILLUMANIA is the right place.

Oluwaseun Matthew Ajayi

My name is Oluwaseun Matthew Ajayi; a young Nigerian in his late 20’s. I hail from Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. I had my Primary School Education at Saint Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos between 1995 and 2000, before I proceeded to Saint Dominic’s High School, Akure where I had my Secondary School Education in 2006.

My first degree was undertaken at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) where I bagged a First Class Honours in Biology in 2012. I graduated top of my department; which gave me an automatic employment into the same department as a Graduate/Research Assistant in 2014.

Following this, I was privileged to win a Commonwealth Scholarship in 2015 which enabled me to enjoy an overseas Postgraduate education, an MSc degree in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. I finished my MSc with a distinction.

I am currently working as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Biology, FUTA. I teach undergraduate courses and also supervise undergraduate students in their projects. In addition, I supervise Year 3 students offering ENT302 (Enterpreneurship and Mentorship). My research focuses on the assessment of the health and environmental impacts of chemical and persistent organic pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals using biological models. Specifically, I also carry out studies concerned with the effect of exposures in the workplace and I extensively collaborate with colleagues on research projects involving the screening of herbal products using conventional and scientific methods of preparation in the reduction of malaria menace.

I met Babajide Macaulay during my undergraduate studies but the bond was strengthened when I was absorbed into the Department of Biology as an academic staff. My voyage into the world of Academic mentorship started under him. As a Commonwealth Alumnus, he was entitled to privileged information regarding Scholarships and Fellowships. On a fateful day, Babajide called me as touching a new fellowship scheme which he got in his e-mail tagged, “Commonwealth Scholarship for low and middle Income countries”. He encouraged me to apply and promised to guide me along the way in my application. Babajide is someone who is very detailed and meticulous; he will not be comfortable with a shabby approach to scholarship applications. I remembered him correcting my plan of study extensively and making useful contributions that will help influence positively the outcome of the scholarship application. One thing I learnt from him during this period was that you can achieve whatever you set your eyes on if only you are determined enough.

Weeks went by and the long awaited e-mail came in. Alas, I was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship. To crown it all, I was privileged to be the first Commonwealth Scholar at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. I owe the outcome of the Scholarship application to God. However, I can boldly say God used Babajide along the way. His penchant for quality made the difference. He also wrote a recommendation letter in support of my application for the scholarship which I think influenced the outcome.

If I am to make recommendation to prospective students seeking international scholarship, Babajide will be the first point of call. Not only because he is good at producing quality applications, but primarily because he has won three (3) International postgraduate Scholarships himself. Coupled with the host of other successful applicants he has guided and mentored. I have no doubt about his expertise and proficiency in handling scholarship and academic related endeavours. I strongly recommend his online platform, ILLUMANIA.

Abbas Agbaje

I am Abbas Agbaje. I graduated top of my class from the University of Lagos, bagging the award for the best student in the department for the academic year. Currently, I work as a Sustainability Specialist with an Environmental and Sustainability Consulting firm in Lagos, Nigeria. I am one of the champions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by United Nations, and I am keen on supporting any initiative that promotes quality education, which is SGD 4.

Babajide and I crossed paths when I sought after the Commonwealth Scholarship. A friend introduced Babajide to me and we connected quite quickly at the time. Perhaps, our fast connection was due to the similarities we share: Babajide graduated with a first class as I did and we studied closely-related disciplines. He was really helpful in providing relevant information and support. Even when it didn’t work out initially, he encouraged me to give it another try until it works. In 2015, I became a recipient of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship; the same year he got the Commonwealth Scholarship for his PhD studies. Babajide, whom I had not seen before, did something unusual to make my transition from Nigeria to the United Kingdom a smooth sail. He’s kind and supportive.

During my studies in the United Kingdom, I reached out to Babajide on several occasions for counselling on how to address some academic challenges. He was always forthcoming with impressive ideas and strategies to achieve academic excellence, often citing his own experiences as evidence. Truly, he is a living example of self-efficacy and disciplined-diligence. Knowing that he has garnered ample experience in reviewing academic materials and providing effective feedback, I turned to Babajide to review my postgraduate thesis. Despite his preoccupation at the time, he was swift in his response and thorough in his approach. He delivered my thesis with suggestions for improvement and development. He further took time to discuss some details with me and made clarifications where appropriate. The good news is: I received award for the Best Dissertation in my department for the academic year. Babajide was instrumental in achieving that feat, from both motivational and advisory perspectives.

Happily, I will recommend him to anyone who seeks the service of a man with dignity and integrity. He will meet and exceed your expectations in reviewing your research thesis or helping you find clarity in your academic sojourn. Trust me! Babajide has not only the academic experience, but also the professional competence to support your journey to greatness. He has reviewed papers for international journals and he’s a prolific academic as well. With a head beaming with ideas and strategies, he will guide you on how to position yourself in order to attain your dreams. His online platform, ILLUMANIA, is indeed a trusted point of call.

Oluwasegun Wahab

I am an ardent lover of chemistry with an irrepressible passion to explore its endless wonders and applications. I obtained a B.Tech. degree in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, (FUTA), Nigeria in 2014 and I am nearing the completion of an MSc programme in Analytical Science and Instrumentation (University of Warwick, UK). With this, I have just begun the journey of conquering with science and solving the world’s problems from the laboratory. My research interest lies in instrumental characterization of (nano)(bio)materials and the development of low-cost diagnostic methods for killer diseases.

A friend introduced me to Mr Babajide in 2012 at FUTA. He was then a Research Assistant in the Faculty and had just won the famous Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (CSS) for an MSc degree at the University of Greenwich, UK. He instilled the urge to study abroad in me (with the correct motives, of course); acquainted me with the diverse scholarship opportunities available; guided me through necessary preparatory stages; and did wonder in reviewing my personal statements.

I got two CSS awards in 2016 (Strathclyde and Warwick Universities) and was reserved by three other schools (Cardiff, Keele and Queen’s University Belfast) for the same scholarship. Mr Babajide was very helpful with reviewing my personal statements and related write-ups. He has a way of polishing a ‘mere gravel’ of an article to a ‘glistering diamond’, garnished with Queen’s English, revealing the magic unnoticed by the subject themselves.

Yes, I will certainly recommend that anyone in need of mentoring for scholarships to consult his online firm, ILLUMANIA, because I am sure he and his team will make a lot of difference in your lives.

Lasisi Oluwatoyin Hannah

I am Lasisi Oluwatoyin Hannah, a First-class graduate of Biology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Nigeria.  I am currently a Graduate/Research Assistant in Biology Department in the same University and will soon embark on a Postgraduate study at the University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom to study Environmental Management courtesy of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) via the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (CSS).

Mr. Babajide happens to be a senior colleague of mine, having graduated years before I did. The mentorship I benefitted from him before, during and after my applications for the CSS in the form of advice, guidance, training, charge and of course, admonishment where necessary, saw me to the peak of nominations by universities for the CSS award. He practically led me by the hand throughout the period of my scholarship applications; supporting me with materials that made the application process effortless and smooth; dropping timely and useful advice here and there, and promptly responding positively to all my questions and confusions. Truly speaking, without his assistance, I would not have had the knowledge and approach needed to work my way to the top and of course, there would be no International scholarship.

His impartation is felt by everyone he associates with, so I have begun already to recommend ILLUMANIA to potential scholarship candidates for I am certain that they will be mentored excellently and will eventually emerge as International scholars.